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5 x 1 gram Gold Caesar Rounds Phoenix Certified Bullion Cards .9999 Fine 24kt in Security Case

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Product Description

This protective, RFID-blocking aluminum card case contains 5 of the 1-gram gold Caesar Round Certified Bullion Cards. To purchase 1 gram Gold Caesar Certified Bullion Cards individually, click here.

BGASC is pleased to present the 1 gram Gold Caesar Round Certified Bullion Card from Phoenix Certified Bullion, the world's first secure gold card powered by patent-pending Authenti-Metal Technology™. Each of these wallet-sized gold cards contains a unique serial number and QR code that can be scanned with a smart phone for immediate verification of authenticity, and up-to-the-minute value of your 1-gram gold piece in all of the world's major currencies.

All Phoenix Certified Bullion products are mint-direct, supplied by an LBMA approved refinery, and certified for precious metal weight and purity. Benefits of Certified Bullion Card ownership include affordability, fraud-protection, universal recognition and ease of sale, fast and easy authentication, and a safe-guard against inflation and loss of currency purchasing power.

Gold Round Highlights

  • Each card contains 1 gram of .9999 fine gold
  • Classic Caesar Augustus gold round design
  • Encased in Certification Card
  • Quick & easy verification of authenticity and $-value
  • Fractional gold is easy to trade

RFID Blocking Aluminum Wallet Card Case
The Ceasar gold bullion cards do not contain RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) chips, however many new credit/debit cards and driver's licenses now have these chips embedded in them. The RFID chip contains personal and account information that identity thieves can access by simply passing by you on the street or in the market. These BGASC aluminum card cases block those frequencies, so if you decide to use this card case as a wallet, you can rest assured that your information is safeguarded until you're ready to swipe your card.

Card Case Highlights

  • Aluminum Card Case contains 5 Gold Bullion Cards
  • This protective cardholder offers RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) Chip Protection
  • Extra room for credit cards & cash
  • Also suitable for carrying gold bars in assay cards
  • Secure locking mechanism

Gold Caesar Augustus Rounds
The Gold Caesar round is a .9999 pure 24kt gold homage to the first Roman emperor, Caesar Augustus, who led Rome's transformation from republic to empire during the tumultuous years following the assassination of his great-uncle and adoptive father Julius Caesar. He shrewdly combined military might, institution-building and lawmaking to become Rome's sole ruler, thus ending the free republic. Similar to the ancient Roman coins in circulation during his rule like the gold aureus and silver denarius, the obverse design of this gold round features the striking profile of Augustus himself donning a laurel oak crown. The name CAESAR AUGUSTUS is stamped around the portrait. The centerpiece of the reverse design is the chemical symbol for gold (Aurum) "Au", framed by laurel branches and "1 GRAM .9999" to denote the weight and fineness of the round.

Why Certified Bullion Cards?
Phoenix Certified Bullion maintains the highest industry production standards and certifies bullion in a way no other companies even approach. These Gold Caesar rounds, for example, come sealed in a QR-coded card that, upon scanning, gives the complete manufacturing history of that individual round, together with the assay certification and an individual serial number, which provides anti-fraud and counterfeit protection and serves as a deterrent against theft and unauthorized use. You, or any merchant, can easily scan the QR-Code and get minute-by-minute retail value of that round, making it highly liquid and extremely valuable in commerce. As the buying power of paper money shrinks, the value of gold and Caesar rounds may soar.

How To Use
Simply scan the QR-Codes on each of your Certified Bullion Cards to authenticate them on the Phoenix Certified Bullion website. This will allow Phoenix Certified Bullion's automated system to begin providing you with their patent-pending Authenti-Metal fraud protection. It will also provide assurance to you that your cards are authentic. If the card has been reported as lost or stolen, simply enter the card's number into the registry and it will be labeled as lost or stolen on the website. Anytime such a card is scanned, it will flash as lost or stolen and generate a warning, in order to help discourage the card's acceptance by a new buyer or merchant. This serves as a unique security feature and acts as a valuable tool to anyone who may purchase that card in the future, ensuring that the card is in good standing.

Item #:GRND_1_GRAM_CZR_X005
Manufacturer:Phoenix Certified Bullion
Condition:New From Mint
Gold Content:Card: 1 gram (0.032 troy oz)
Case: 5 grams (0.32 troy oz)
Packaging:Aluminum Cardholder Case
Card Dimensions:2.375" x 3.687"
Case Dimensions:2.875" x 4.25" x 0.625"
Case Quantity:5
Security:Authenti-Metal Technology™
Country:United States

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