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Additional Products

Additional Products at BGASC

While most investors gravitate towards silver, gold, and even platinum, at BGASC we have several products that can diversify or even enhance your portfolio or collection. From palladium, notes, or even accessories for your bullion, you can find it all at BGASC. Learn more about our Additional Products, right here.


Palladium was discovered in 1803 by William Hyde Wollaston and is part of the platinum group of metals. While more than half of the supply of palladium is used on catalytic converters, a good portion is used by mints to create Palladium Bullion.

In terms of Palladium Coins, at BGASC you’ll find the following coins to be readily available:

  • American Palladium Eagle: These coins contain 1 Troy oz of .9995 pure palladium and have a face value of $25 (USD). The obverse shows the Adolph A. Weinman design used on the Mercury Dime, while the reverse shows his original artwork for the reverse of the Mercury Dime. Coins have been issued annually since 2017.
  • Canadian Palladium Maple Leaf: These coins have a face value of $50 (CAD) and contain 1 Troy oz of .9995 pure palladium. The series released coins from 2005-2009, except for 2008. Production stopped from 2010 to 2014 but has been issued annually starting in 2015. The design is the same as the other coins in the Maple Leaf series showing the sugar maple leaf on the reverse and the reigning British monarch on the obverse.

Another popular option is Palladium Bars. Some popular producers are the following:

  • Argor Heraeus: Identifying marks on the obverse, repeating pattern of the logo on the reverse.
  • PAMP Suisse: Fortuna on the obverse, identifying marks on the reverse.
  • Valcambi: Identifying marks on the obverse, full company name on the reverse.


No purchase of bullion is complete without some Accessories as well. At BGASC, we have everything from gloves, a decoder lens, display stands, capsules, and tubes, all to protect your investment purchase.

We have the following coin capsules and air-tite coin holders available:

  • 16.5 MM
  • 19 MM
  • 20 MM
  • 22 MM
  • 25 MM
  • 27 MM
  • 30 MM
  • 32 MM
  • 38 MM
  • 39 MM
  • 40 MM
  • 40.6 MM
  • 76.81 MM

Also available are empty coin tubes, and bar capsules in an array of sizes to house any bullion purchase you make at BGASC. We also carry protective currency sleeves in case you want to further protect your notes, Goldbacks, or Silverbacks.

Furthermore, we also offer cotton inspection gloves, that way you can handle your bullion with care and without scratching or causing wear and tear to your investment piece.

Notes and Other Legal Tender

At BGASC, we have several Other Legal Tender options for your collection needs, such as notes and clad coins. These include commemorative notes, showcasing stunning designs. Some popular options include:

  • Baseball Bucks
  • Donald Trump Coins
  • JFK Coins
  • Lunar-Themed Notes
  • Rency Notes

Buying Additional Products at BGASC

For any questions about Additional Products at BGASC, contact our customer service team today. We can be reached via email, through our online chat feature, or by calling us at 888-992-4272.