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Perth Mint Gold Bars

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Perth Mint Gold Bars at BGASC

The Perth Mint, situated in Perth, Australia, stands as the largest mint in the country, with a rich history dating back to its establishment in 1899 by the Royal Mint of London. Initially, the mint operated alongside Sydney (1855) and Melbourne (1872) branches, but over time, both Sydney and Melbourne branches ceased operations, making Perth Mint the oldest in Australia. Today, under the ownership of the Government of Western Australia, it plays a crucial role in refining gold into bars, crafting custom coins, and producing currency for the Commonwealth of Australia.

History of Perth Mint

Formerly under the oversight of British authorities, the Perth Mint transitioned to Australian control, severing ties with England after the early 1930s. During its association with the British Empire, it produced over 106 million gold sovereigns, a significant contribution to the Australian currency.

In a more contemporary context, the Perth Mint achieved global recognition by creating the world’s largest gold coin in 2011. Weighing an impressive 2,231 pounds, with a purity of 99.99 percent, this legal tender coin boasts a face value of $1 million, yet its actual value surpasses $50 million.

The Mint extends its expertise to various precious metals, including gold, silver, and platinum, producing coins such as the Australian Nugget gold coins and Australian Silver Kookaburra coins, all meticulously tested for 99.99 percent purity.

Gold Bars from Perth Mint

Perth Mint’s gold bars, available in diverse sizes, are characterized by stringent security features ensuring authenticity. The minted ingots, ranging from 1 Gram to 1 oz, and the innovative 1 oz cast gold bars, both showcase the distinctive Perth Mint Swan logo.

This logo features a swan in right-profile relief, its elegant frame capturing a long, S-shaped neck and ornate tail feathers and wings, all enveloped by inscriptions proclaiming “The Perth Mint – Australia.” The cast gold bars focus solely on the logo, while the minted ingots include additional details like weight, metal content, and purity inscriptions on their face. Perth Mint’s commitment to quality has established it as a global leader in bullion production, with its authenticity consistently upheld and highly esteemed.

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