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Gold Notes/Goldbacks

Gold Notes and Goldbacks at BGASC

For a long time, people have mainly invested in gold through coins and bars. But recently, companies like Valaurum have introduced new ways to invest in gold, like Gold Notes and Goldbacks. These options offer a different and affordable choice for investors with interesting stories behind them.

Quick History of Gold Notes

In the past, in the United States, gold notes were like paper money backed by actual gold coins stored in banks. People could use these paper notes to buy things, and they could exchange them at banks for real money equal to the note’s value.

Modern Gold Notes

Valaurum is leading the way in bringing back gold notes in pure gold form. These notes look like paper money but are made from thin layers of 24-karat gold sandwiched between layers of polyester to protect the gold. Also, these notes usually have a face value, depending on the specific program.

Gold Notes vs. Goldbacks

The main difference between Gold Notes and Goldbacks at BGASC is their face value and legal tender status. Gold Notes often have beautiful designs on both sides and a legal tender face value given by a central bank or government authorizing Valaurum to issue the notes.

Goldbacks are a special kind of gold note. They come in values of 50, 25, 10, 5, and 1 in different series, each representing a different US state. Goldbacks are NOT US legal tender, but they are a form of voluntary currency. Vendors in a state can choose to accept Goldbacks for everyday transactions, allowing Americans to use gold as a stable form of money again.

Get Gold Notes and Goldbacks at BGASC

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