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Mexican Gold Coins

Mexican Gold Coins at BGASC

One of the most prominent collections of gold bullion coins comes from the Mexican Mint. Introduced in 1981, the Mexican Libertad Series is the anchor of the bullion coin products offered by the nation’s sovereign mint. The Gold Libertad is well known to investors around the world and offers a modern alternative to historic gold pesos that collectors and numismatists purchase.

Background on the Mexican Mint

The Mexican Mint stands as the most ancient functioning mint in the Western Hemisphere. Its inception dates back to 1535, when Spanish conquistadors, in the course of their conquest of Central and South America, established this venerable institution. Originally tasked with the refinement of gold and silver extracted from the New World, the mint played a pivotal role in sending these precious metals back to the Spanish crown. Additionally, it undertook the production of Spanish colonial coinage, catering to all the colonies under the Spanish crown in the Western Hemisphere.

In contemporary times, the Mexican Mint proudly serves as the official sovereign mint of Mexico, maintaining its headquarters in Mexico City. Operating under the auspices of the federal government of Mexico and Banco de Mexico, it continues to manufacture both contemporary pesos coinage and paper banknotes.

Libertads and Pesos

There are two main forms of Mexican gold you’ll find when you shop BGASC: modern Gold Libertads and historic Gold Pesos. The former is a modern gold bullion series akin to the American Eagle or Canadian Maple Leaf, while the latter represents surviving specimens from Mexico’s history of gold circulation currency.

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