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Gold Spot Price & Charts

Live gold spot prices per troy ounce and its 24-hour trend. Below you will find a full, interactive gold price chart and popular gold bullion products.

Gold has long been regarded as a valuable commodity, whether as the foundation of ancient economies or as a modern investment opportunity. Owning gold can diversify your portfolio and may possibly provide a hedge against the changes inflation and deflation bring. Owning this precious metal could mean financial security when it’s exchanged at opportune moments. At BGASC, we offer you some of the most fair and reasonable gold prices based on the current spot price.

Popular Gold Investment Products

What Is the Live Spot Gold Price?

The price of gold changes constantly, and the spot price is a quick snapshot of the current gold price in the market before items are refined. To get the most accurate pricing when you are looking to purchase, use our gold spot price chart. This will show the gold price today, current to your time of research. The price table shows the dollar value for one troy ounce of gold and shows how the price has risen or fallen over the past months. You will see the 24-hour trend for gold, and with this graphic, it’s easy to see if the price has moved in your favor. The spot price chart is a quick snapshot of gold price performance with data gathered from reliable sources.

What Determines the Spot Price?

There is a global interest in gold, and it can be traded across a number of different exchanges from Hong Kong to London or New York. The key exchange that determines the live U.S. spot gold price is the COMEX. This had previously been a part of the New York Mercantile Exchange but is now with the CME Group out of Chicago. In the value calculation, data is taken from existing front month futures contract, but factors such as fluctuating currencies, bond and stock market turmoil and geopolitical reasons also impact the price.

Will I Be Getting the Spot Price?

The Spot Price of Gold is for an ounce of raw gold that has just been mined from the earth. However, this is for direct purchase from the mine and doesn’t include any of the costs of refining, transporting, pouring into molds, minting/stamping, assay, packaging (if any), and distribution of the final product to you the investor. The price you pay for an item includes the spot price with an added premium to cover the manufacturing, operational, distribution and retailer costs. With BGASC, we are committed to providing some of the best prices for gold according to the most current spot price and market conditions at the exact moment you place an order. Our huge inventory provides a golden opportunity for every budget and interest, whether you plan to shop gold bars by weight or your interests are in bullion coins or other items.

When Are Gold Prices Best?

Gauging when to buy is a personal investment choice. Supply and demand have a significant impact on the price of gold, and through a 24-hour period, the price can move significantly. The spot price chart takes into account the banks, markets and investors operating overseas and throughout different time zones, which is why the price may move in either direction all day long. Though the gold market may experience extreme changes in pricing, there are also long periods of time where quiet trading and consistent price activity take place.

What Should I Buy First?

Your budget and the gold spot price will influence how much gold you are able to buy, but gold bars are often a cost-efficient way to get a lower premium over spot. Gold coins are typically minted by government mints, have a face value and may carry an additional numismatic or collectible value.

How Can I Trust My Purchase?

Online shopping for gold shouldn’t be a risk, and with BGASC, you are working with a BBB accredited business. We insure each package for its time in transit to your location, and we offer fast, efficient shipping. We are known for being one of the most trusted online dealers of gold and other precious metals in the United States. Make your purchase today and take advantage of some of the best gold prices available!