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Gold Rounds

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Gold Rounds Available at BGASC

When considering the purchase of gold from BGASC, your primary focus naturally turns towards gold coins and gold bullion bars. These gold bullion products stand out as preferred choices for many investors. In the realm of collecting precious metals, coins often take precedence due to their limited mintage figures and distinctive designs, which are frequently available for only a limited time. However, there exists an alternative for both types of gold buyers: gold rounds. Discover more about gold rounds today!

Understanding Gold Rounds

A “round” refers to precious metals products with a visual resemblance to coins but holds a distinct legal standing as a form of legal tender. The term “coin” is specifically reserved, especially in the United States, for products with legal tender status from the United States Mint. According to the authority granted by Congress, only the United States Mint is authorized to strike coins backed by legal tender from the federal government.

To prevent confusion, private mints in the United States must label products with a visual resemblance to coins as “gold rounds” instead of coins. Despite this distinction, many gold rounds share similar characteristics with gold coins. They are round in shape, have flat surfaces, and showcase distinct designs on the obverse and reverse sides. The key difference lies in the absence of an assigned and backed face value.

Insights into Gold Rounds

Gold rounds hold a particular allure for certain segments of gold investors and collectors. Most gold rounds feature one of two types of designs. Some gold rounds are designed with simple mint markings and identifying markers, emphasizing the .999 or .9999 pure gold content. Conversely, other gold rounds target collectors who appreciate well-known coin designs but prefer to avoid the higher premiums associated with most collectible gold coin programs.

For instance, many famous US coin designs from the early 20th century can be found on gold rounds. Images like the Buffalo Nickel or Augustus Saint-Gaudens’ Liberty, which come at a high cost on the American Gold Buffalo and American Gold Eagle, are more affordably available on privately issued gold rounds.

Comparing Gold Rounds to Coins and Bars

As mentioned earlier, gold coins and gold rounds are primarily distinguished by the issuer and the presence or absence of a face value. In the United States, only the US Mint issues gold coins, while private mints like BGASC issue gold rounds. Gold bars and gold rounds share similarities in that they both typically have lower premiums over the spot price of gold. However, gold bars offer greater size ranges than gold rounds. Additionally, some gold bars with intricate designs and higher premiums are Precious Metal IRA eligible.

Availability of Gold Rounds

Gold rounds may be easier to acquire compared to certain other types of gold coins. Produced exclusively by private mints and refineries worldwide, gold rounds are generally available without mintage caps. This means that unique designs, such as those historic US coin designs mentioned earlier, are more readily found on a gold round than on a collectible gold coin.

Purchase Your Gold Rounds Online from BGASC

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