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Gold Bullion Bracelets

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  • 1 oz Gold Bracelet (Varied Condition)
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  • July 26th
    1 oz Hammered Gold Bullion Bracelet (New in Plastic)
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  • 1 oz Smooth Gold Bullion Bracelet (New in Plastic)
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  • Gold Bullion Bracelets at BGASC

    Investing in gold bullion goes beyond traditional coins and bars. Now, you can invest in stunning 24-karat gold bullion that you can actually wear as jewelry. Initially a small niche in the industry, this category started with simple gold bracelets.

    Elegant Simplicity

    Our 24-karat gold bullion bracelets are beautiful pieces made of pure gold that adorn your wrist. The flexibility of .9999 pure gold allows these bracelets to mold to different wrist sizes, within reasonable limits. While the designs are simple, you can choose between two common finishes: hammered (stippled) or smooth.

    Get Gold Bullion Bracelets at BGASC

    Our gold bullion bracelets offer the perfect blend of fine jewelry and 24-karat bullion gold. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Contact BGASC customer service at 888-992-4272, use our web chat, or reach out via email.