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1 oz Copper Bars

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  • 1 oz Walking Liberty Copper Bar (New)
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  • 1 oz $1 Banknote Copper Bar (New)
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  • 1 oz $100 Banknote Copper Bar (New)
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  • 1 oz $2 Banknote Copper Bar (New)
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  • 1 oz Metropolis Movie Poster Copper Bar (New)
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  • 1 oz $10 Banknote Copper Bar (New)
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  • 1 oz Copper Bars at BGASC

    In various ancient cultures, copper was used as a form of currency. For example, the Roman Empire used copper bars and coins for trade. Over time, copper coins were replaced by other metals, but its use in various forms of currency highlights its importance in economic transactions. Today, copper is still used in minimal amounts as an alloy in modern circulation coins. You can also find it in purer levels within copper bars. 

    1 oz Copper Bar Designs

    The production of copper bars in the 1 oz weight largely consists of minted ingots with ornate designs. One of the most popular design concepts in this weight is to mimic historic US currency, whether banknotes or popular coin designs. For example, the iconic Walking Liberty Half Dollar and Morgan Dollar designs have featured on 1 oz copper bars, as have historic and modern US note designs.

    Producing 1 oz Copper Bars

    Pressed or Minted copper takes a completely different approach to making their bars compared to Poured/Cast. Instead of starting out with molten copper, they start with what is known as “blanks.” A blank is a piece of metal that is the shape of a bar or coin, but it is smooth and has no design.

    The blanks are then loaded into a machine that applies thousands of pounds of pressure with a die containing the design. The blank is stamped and the die design is pressed onto the blank resulting in a finished round or bar. These pressed bars often times have more intricate designs and a high-gloss finish.

    Get 1 oz Copper Bars from BGASC

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