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Copper Bullets

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Copper Bullets from BGASC

Copper bullets serve as a dual-purpose investment and collectible item. Copper is gaining popularity as an investment, and for those interested in hunting and firearms, investing in precious metals shaped like live ammunition is also on the rise. It’s essential to understand that while these copper bullets closely resemble live ammunition, they are not intended or manufactured for use in firearms. Copper is just one of the metals available in bullet form for investment, but it’s among the more popular choices.

Design & Sizes

Our copper bullets are designed to precisely mimic live ammunition. A 12-gauge shotgun round, for example, will closely resemble a live round in look and feel. While the weight may differ slightly from the real thing, unlike live ammunition, heavier copper bullets hold more value.

Typically, copper bullets weigh between 1 oz to 5 oz and have a purity of .999. Unlike coins and certain bullion bars, copper bullets have a simple design without any elaborate features.

Copper As an Investment

It might be surprising to find copper bullion offered by a dealer known for selling gold, silver, and other popular precious metals. However, this choice makes sense when you consider the increasing popularity of copper as a metal. Investors seeking to diversify their hard asset portfolios are drawn to copper, especially those less interested in mainstream assets like gold and silver.

Copper plays a significant role in various industries, and as the world embraces 21st-century advancements, the demand for copper in industry is expected to grow. Copper is present in most wiring, building foundations, electric motors, and many other aspects of modern industry.

Every copper bullet we ship is carefully protected and securely packaged before leaving our facilities. All shipments are fully insured against the unlikely event of loss or damage during transit.

Buy Copper Bullets at BGASC

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