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90%/40%/35% US Silver Coins

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90%/40%/35% US Silver Coins at BGASC

For those looking to invest in silver bullion, without breaking the bank, one popular option is 90%/40%/35% US Silver Coins. Before bullion coins, the US Mint had a long history of including silver content in circulation coinage. While these coins are older and could be heavily damaged, they’ve retained their value due to their silver content. Learn more about 90%/40%/35% US Silver Coins at BGASC.

90% US Silver Coins

From 1836 to 1964, the US Mint started to issue coins with a silver content of 90%. The other 10% was made up of copper to give these coins durability and better resistance to wear and tear. From 1794 to 1836, this mixture was 89.2% silver but was upped to 90% with the introduction of the Seated Liberty design.

From 1836 to 1964 all circulation coins from the Dime to the Dollar had a silver content of 90%. Designs over the years featured the following:

  • US Dime: Seated Liberty, Barber Coinage, Mercury/ Winged Liberty, Roosevelt Dime (through 1964)
  • US Quarter: Seated Liberty, Barber Coinage, Standing Liberty, Washington Quarter (through 1964)
  • US Half Dollar: Seated Liberty, Barber Coinage, Walking Liberty, Benjamin Franklin, Kennedy Half Dollar (through 1964)
  • US Dollar: Seated Liberty, Morgan Dollar, Peace Dollar (last date mark 1935).

40% US Silver Coins

In 1964, the US Mint finally said goodbye to 90% Silver Coins. However, the US Mint didn’t completely get rid of the silver content in their coinage. In the 1960s and 1970s, the US Mint produced a few coins that contained 40% pure silver content, the Kennedy Half Dollar, and the Eisenhower Dollar.

The Kennedy Half Dollar debuted in 1964 as the final 90% silver coin. From 1965 to 1970, these coins were up of a 40% silver and 60% copper mixture. In 1971, silver was eliminated from the Kennedy Half Dollar.

The Kennedy Half Dollar has a left-profile relief portrait of John F. Kennedy on the obverse and a modified presidential seal on the reverse.

The Peace Silver Dollar was last struck in 1935. It wasn’t until 1971 that Silver Dollars would be struck again by the US Mint. These silver dollars were known as the Eisenhower Silver Dollar due to the obverse design featuring a left-profile relief portrait of Dwight D. Eisenhower. The reverse of these coins featured a bald eagle design based on the Apollo 11 insignia.

Circulation Eisenhower Silver Dollars were made up of the cupro-nickel alloy we see today. However, from 1971 to 1978, the US Mint did release some collectible Eisenhower Silver Dollars that contained 40% silver.

35% US Silver Coins

Only one coin in American history was issued with a 35% silver content. This coin was known as the War Nickel and was issued between mid-1942 and 1945. These coins feature the left-profile relief image of Thomas Jefferson on the obverse. The reverse displays a depiction of Monticello, which was the home of Jefferson.

Junk Silver

90%/40%/35% US Silver Coins are also commonly referred to as Junk Silver. This is because these coins have no numismatic value in terms of collectability. Investors and collectors purchase these coins simply for the silver value. Junk Silver is also more affordable, which allows people to purchase them in bulk for a relatively lower price than modern silver bullion coins.

Purchasing 90%/40%/35% US Silver Coins at BGASC

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