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Silver Rounds

Silver Rounds at BGASC

Silver Rounds are a popular option for investors and collectors who are looking to invest in silver bullion without breaking the bank. At BGASC, we have a wide array of popular Silver Rounds that contain unique designs, and even popular coin designs. Learn more about Silver Rounds at BGASC, right here.

What is a Silver Round?

A Silver Round has the appearance of a Silver Coin but lacks a face value. This indicates that the Silver Round is not backed by a central bank or government. Due to this, Silver Rounds are typically cheaper than their coin counterparts. Silver Rounds also typically have no mintage caps.

Popular Sizes

Popular coin series, such as the American Silver Eagle, release silver coins in just a 1 oz size. However, Silver Rounds are usually available in numerous sizes, including fractional-ounce weights. Some popular sizes include the following:

  • 1/10 Troy oz
  • 1/4 Troy oz
  • 1/2 Troy oz
  • 1 Troy oz
  • 2 Troy oz
  • 5 Troy oz
  • 10 Troy oz

Historical Designs

When looking at Silver Rounds, you’ll notice many popular options feature coin images throughout history.

  • Buffalo Nickel: SilverTowne, Sunshine Minting, and the Golden State Mint, among others, are some private American mints known for recreating these designs, such as the Buffalo Nickel from James Earle Fraser.
  • Morgan Silver Dollar: The Morgan Silver Dollar was in circulation from 1878 to 1921 and was one of the most popular coin designs. Lady Liberty is on the obverse in left-profile relief while a heraldic eagle is shown on the reverse.
  • Walking Liberty: The Walking Liberty can still be seen on the obverse of the American Silver Eagle. This Adolph A. Weinman design shows Liberty walking toward the sun, draped in the American flag while holding oak branches.

Popular Producers of Silver Rounds

  • Asahi Refining: Asahi bought the gold and silver refineries from Johnson Matthey back in 2015. Now, they create stunning silver rounds such as Lunar rounds, and American Reserve rounds.
  • Germania Mint: Established in Poland, Germania creates among the most intriguing silver rounds on the market. They’re known for their Germania Series, Valkyries Series, and The Allegories Series, among others.
  • Golden State Mint: The Golden State Mint was founded back in 1974. With locations in Florida and California, they have a literal coast-to-coast impact. The Golden State Mint is well-known for its recreation of historical designs, as well as its unique images such as the GSM Eagle.
  • Intaglio Mint: Intaglio was established in 2010 and is a self-proclaimed “boutique” mint. Intaglio is home to many unique collections such as the Greek Mythology Series, Vintage Horror Series, and the Cryptozoology Collection among others.
  • SilverTowne: SilverTowne was established as a small coin shop in 1949. They’re now among the most well-known private mints in America. SilverTowne creates unique designs and collections, yet also creates rounds featuring historical designs.
  • Sunshine Minting: Headquartered in Nevada, Sunshine Minting has a great presence in the silver round market here in America. Similar to SilverTowne, they’re known for their historical designs, but also create their own unique lines such as their Mercury Silver Rounds.

Types of Silver Rounds

Most silver rounds are struck in Brilliant Uncirculated condition. However, there are plenty of strike types that encompass the silver rounds we offer at BGASC.

  • Antique: Silver appears aged.
  • Colorized: Colorization is applied to at least 1 side of the round.
  • High-Relief: Silver round has a 3D look and feel.
  • Proof: Mirrored background with frosted design elements.

Investing in Silver Rounds at BGASC

For any questions involving Silver Rounds, contact the BGASC customer service team today at 888-992-4272. Our team can also be reached via email or through our online chat feature.