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Silver Bars

Silver Bars at BGASC

Silver bullion is available in coins, rounds, and even more unique options such as shot, statues, and even bullets. However, one of the oldest forms of silver still happens to be one of the most popular silver bars. Silver bars are a popular option for investors and collectors due to their lower premium, high purity, and overall variety. Learn more about Silver Bars at BGASC, right here.

Types of Silver Bars Offered at BGASC

At BGASC, there are three main types of Silver Bars that you’ll commonly see.

  • Cast Silver Bars: Cast bars are unique in that two bars by the same mint can differ slightly. Silver shot, or ingots, are placed into a mold that is heated and then cooled. Once the silver is cooled, the now silver bar is removed, and design elements are stamped on one side of the bar.
  • Hand-Poured Silver Bars: Similar to cast bars, these bars are made by pouring molten silver into a prefabricated mold while one side of the bar is left exposed in order for it to cool. This process gives these bars a hand-made look and feel.
  • Minted Ingots: These bars undergo a more unique process. These bars start as blanks, which are smooth pieces of silver with no design elements on them. These blanks are put into a machine that stamps the design on the blank using thousands of pounds of pressure.

Popular Sizes

Silver Bars come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Several unique weights in both grams and troy oz are popular, but among the most popular options are the following:

  • 1 Troy oz
  • 2 Troy oz
  • 3 Troy oz
  • 5 Troy oz
  • 10 Troy oz
  • 1 Kilogram (32.15 Troy oz)
  • 100 Troy oz

Silver Bar Producers

  • Asahi: A recent name in the precious metals industry, Asahi acquired the gold and silver refiners of Johnson Matthey in 2015. They’ve quickly become a top name in the industry for their wide array of silver bars, including their American Reserve collection of cast bars that are 100% American-made.
  • Golden State Mint: The Golden State Mint was founded in 1974 by Jim Pavlakos in Central Florida. Nowadays, the private, family-run mint is run by his son Andrew. The company specializes in gold, silver, and copper bars and rounds.
  • MK Barz: MK Barz was recently established in Los Angeles, California, in 2014. The company is well-known for its hand-poured silver bars and its unique collections such as its array of Halloween-themed bars.
  • Monarch Metals: Another popular name in the industry of hand-poured silver bars is Monarch Metals. Monarch was established in southern Oregon in 2008. They were founded as a direct response to the increasing demand for precious metals products due to the global recession. Monarch creates several unique silver bars in an array of sizes and shapes.
  • PAMP Suisse: Founded in Ticino, Switzerland, in 1977, PAMP Suisse is one of the most well-known names for producing high-quality silver and gold bars. The mint is known for its wide array of minted ingots featuring unique imagery and a high purity.
  • Royal Canadian Mint: One of the most well-known mints in the world, the Royal Canadian Mint (RCM) is known for its Canadian Maple Leaf coinage as well as its silver bar offerings. The RCM creates high-quality minted ingots and cast bars that display the RCM logo.
  • SilverTowne: Starting as a small coin shop in Indiana, SilverTowne is now one of the top private American mints running today. They’re well-known for their line of unique silver bars and rounds that will display popular coin imagery such as Walking Liberty, and Saint-Gaudens’s Liberty.
  • Sunshine Minting: Similar to SilverTowne, Sunshine Minting is one of the top names in America for private mints. They create several silver bars, both cast and minted ingots, showcasing their own unique designs as well as famous designs from throughout history.

Buying Silver Bars at BGASC

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