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10 lb Copper Bars

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  • 10 Pound Elemental Cast Copper Bar (New)
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  • 10lb Copper Bars from BGASC

    Copper is one of the oldest metals used by humans. Its use dates back to ancient civilizations, with evidence of its use in Mesopotamia around 5000 BCE. Early societies used native copper, often found in pure metallic form, for various tools and ornaments. For modern individuals, copper has both practical, everyday uses, and a big role as an investment vehicle. Copper bars are a popular and affordable option for metal investors.

    10lb Copper

    When it comes to massive copper bars, the 10lb copper bar is a common weight. The majority of these products are available as simple cast bars. The products have rough visuals and textured finishes, with engravings simple stamped into the surface of the bar to identify the manufacturer, weight, metal content, and purity. The 10lb copper bar is weighed in Avoirdupois pounds, as is common for copper products. This 10lb weight translates to roughly 145.83 Troy ounces of copper.

    Producing Cast Copper Bars

    Cast-poured copper bars are produced by placing copper shot or ingots into a mold or cast. The mold or cast will have a top and a bottom face, enclosing the metal. The mold is then heated, often with induction technology. Once the copper has cooled, it is removed from the mold and finished. Some cast copper bars are produced by injecting molten copper into the mold through a small opening. Cast bars often have a flat, smooth surface and uniformity compared to the textures and variations in hand-poured bars. 

    Buying Copper Bars at BGASC

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