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24kt Gold Bullion Bars

BGASC sells a wide variety of Gold Bars (All Sizes). We stock top quality, .9999 fine 24 kt gold bars from world class mints such as PAMP Suisse, Credit Suisse, Valcambi, Rand Refinery, The Perth Mint, The Royal Canadian Mint and more.

Gold is a valuable commodity, and investing in it has many benefits. Your purchase gives you a tangible asset, such as gold bullion or gold coins, that can later be sold for a cash value. The value of your gold depends on the market spot price of gold as well as the size and weight of your item. With BGASC, you can browse our huge inventory either by shopping by weight or by item type for your next gold purchase.

Purchasing Gold Bars By Weight

If you are just starting your investment into gold, you may want to consider a 1 oz gold bar as this is the most frequently purchased weight. Your purchase from BGASC will leave you with a gold ingot that is .9999 fine gold, otherwise known as 24 karats. You can immediately see the benefit of purchasing our gold bars from a number of leading manufacturers around the world.

Those who consider a larger investment may be able to take advantage of bulk quantity discounts we offer as well as lower premiums on a range of weights in gold bars. Select from 1 gram, 50-gram bars, 100 gram, 1 oz, 5 oz or 10 oz bars. BGASC even offers the option of purchasing 1 kilo gold bars as well. Each bar that you purchase is assayed according to its purity and weight as verified by the mintmark on the item. At BGASC, we only work with the most trusted mints in the industry.

Canadian Mint

The Royal Canadian Mint has one of the most technologically advanced gold and silver refineries around the globe, producing the purest, highest-quality custom products, bars and wafers. The Royal Canadian Mint ensures the purity of your purchase, and the Government of Canada ensures the weight and fineness of Canadian Mint gold bars.

Credit Suisse

Credit Suisse was the first global bank to release gold bullion in small denominations, making it more easily accessible to individual investors. This opportunity has created high demand for a range of weight-based investment opportunities, though 1 oz options lead the way in sales of Credit Suisse gold bars.

Pamp Suisse

As a global trusted leader in the fabrication and refining of precious metals, the Swiss PAMP refinery raises the level of quality in its gold ingots and other investment options. PAMP has a worldwide presence that is highly respected in the precious metal market, ensuring the purity of your purchase. PAMP gold bars come in a range of weights and many can be bought in a multi-pack. Browse BGASC’s extensive collection of PAMP Suisse gold bars.

Rand Refinery

Any purchase of Rand Refinery gold bars comes with eco-friendly mining and refinery processes, ensuring a pure, valuable gold investment as the final result. The Rand Refinery is a strong international partner in the global supply chain for precious metals. The 1 ounce gold bars offered by BGASC are some of the lowest priced items available.


One of the four largest refineries in Switzerland, Valcambi is a trusted name for gold bars in one-ounce weights, though they can be purchased in many sizes. Each of the Valcambi gold bars displays the purity and weight of the gold, as well as the company’s trade mintmark as an official stamp of quality.

Your Place To Purchase Gold Bars

If you’ve been looking to buy gold bars, the comprehensive selection at BGASC is the place to start. We stand behind the value and purity of our 24k gold bars and will have your purchase insured and quickly shipped to your location. As a BBB accredited company, you can trust us for any purchase of gold, silver bars, coins, bullion, and other items.