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Copper Bullion Bars & Coins

Purchasing Copper Bullion Online from BGASC

Step into the world of investment bullion with Copper, a metal that may be new to the scene but boasts ancient origins, revered by some of the earliest civilizations. Today, it is gaining popularity among physical metal investors. Discovered around 9000 BC in the Middle East, copper played a crucial role in the Bronze Age as an alloy for bronze.

Not just a choice for newcomers, copper proves to be an excellent investment for veterans looking to diversify their metal asset portfolio.

Copper Price Trends

Witness considerable upswings in the contemporary value of copper, catching the attention of the investment community. Starting the 21st century at under $1/lb, the metal saw a decade of steady rise, reaching approximately $4.50/lb. This surge is attributed to the increasing demand for copper, driven by its widespread use in infrastructure, the medical field, and various industries. As technology advances, the demand for copper is expected to rise further.

Copper Bullion Market

When it comes to copper bullion, the piece’s price is often linked to the current copper price. Smaller art bars and rounds are valued for their artistic appeal, while larger bullion bars closely follow copper’s current market value. Copper bullion bars and rounds are commonly available at around $1 per ounce, with more collectible pieces like bullets fetching slightly higher prices.

Exceptional Bullion Designs

Explore BGASC’s impressive range of copper bullion products, offering not just investment opportunities but also attractive collectibles. The meticulous craftsmanship and artistic designs make these items perfect for gifting on holidays, birthdays, or graduations. Many feature designs inspired by historic US coins, notable figures, and old paper money, appealing to coin collectors.

Diverse Bullion Offerings

Choose from a fine selection of copper bullion rounds, bars, and even bullets available in our gallery. Each item is carefully crafted, showcasing remarkable design artistry. BGASC sources its copper bullion products from private mints and respected distributors, providing a product guarantee for weight and purity. Ranging in type, size, and brand, these items cater to various preferences.

Invest with Confidence in Copper from BGASC

For any inquiries about our copper bullion specimens, don’t hesitate to contact BGASC. Reach out to our customer service team at 888-992-4272, engage in a live online chat, or simply drop us an email.