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20 gram Gold Bars

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20 Gram Gold Bars at BGASC

Looking for a gold bar with more than 1/2 Troy oz of actual gold content. Look no further than 20 gram gold bars. While not an incredibly common size to mint gold bars in, there are some private and government mints that create gold bars in a 20 gram size. Learn more about these 20 gram gold bars right here, at BGASC.

Popular 20 Gram Gold Bar Producers

  • Argor Heraeus: Established in 1951 in Switzerland, this once-private company joined the German Heraeus Group in 1986. Argor Heraeus offers a few 20 gram gold bar options. Their most unique is their like of kinebars. These bars have a unique kinebar hologram embossing on the reverse.
  • Geiger: Geiger Edelmetalle is the oldest silver trading house in all of Germany. In terms of 20 gram gold bars, they offer unique square-shaped bars. These bars show the Schloss Guldengossa on the obverse and a repeating rhombus pattern on the reverse.
  • PAMP Suisse: PAMP Suisse was founded in 1977 and quickly started creating gold bars with unique and interesting designs. This includes their Fortuna Series which shows the Roman goddess of fortune on the obverse. Another option is their line of Rosa bars, which shows a budding rose on the obverse.
  • Perth Mint: Established in 1899, the Perth Mint was originally the third and final branch of the UK’s Royal Mint in Australia. The Perth Mint offers a 20 gram gold bar that displays the identifying marks of the bar on the obverse, with a repeating pattern of a kangaroo on the reverse.
  • Royal Mint: The Royal Mint is known for their British Britannia Coin Series. They also produce the stunning image of Britannia on their gold bars. These 20 gram gold bars show Britannia in right-profile relief, holding her Union Jack shield and her trident.
  • The Holy Land Mint: Gold bars from The Holy Land Mint, show the Dove of Peace on the obverse. This iconic design shows a dove flying over the Old City walls of Jerusalem while holding an olive branch in its mouth.
  • Valcambi: Valcambi is a Switzerland-based company that creates some of the most intriguing bars on the market. They’re known for their CombiBars, which are large bars that can be broken off into smaller bars. The 20 Gram Valcambi Gold CombiBars is a 20 gram bar, that is made up of twenty 1 gram bars. Their standard minted ingot displays the Valcambi company name on the reverse with identifying marks of the bar on the obverse.

Investing in 20 Gram Gold Bars at BGASC

For any inquiries about these 20 gram gold bars, contact the BGASC customer service team today. We can be reached via email, through our online chat feature, or by giving us a call at 888-992-4272.