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Other Gold Bullion

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Other Gold Bullion at BGASC

Modern gold coins, rounds, and bars are incredibly popular gold investments that are always popular items on the market. However, there are other, more unique bullion pieces you can invest in such as jewelry, and older coins. Learn more about Other Gold Bullion right here at BGASC.

Gold Bullion Bracelets

At BGASC, we have a selection of Gold Bullion Bracelets to choose from. These bracelets arrive in protective, plastic cards and are made from 24-karat gold. At BGASC, we have a hammered finish bracelet that measures 2.3 inches by 2.7 inches, as well as a smooth finish bracelet that has the same measurements.

Another popular option is bangles and wrist cuffs from Nebü. These bangles and wrist cuffs are all made from 24-karat gold and are available in sizes ranging from 19.3 grams (.621 Troy oz) to 42.5 grams (1.366 Troy oz). These bracelets are made from gold solely sourced from Africa.

Vintage Old Coins

At BGASC, we have a wide array of Vintage Gold Coins available for purchase as well.

  • 20 Francs Belgium Gold Coin: At BGASC, we have these coins in About Uncirculated (AU) condition and Extra Fine (XF) condition. These coins contain .1867 Troy oz of actual gold content. They feature King Leopold II on the obverse and the coat of arms of Belgium on the reverse.
  • 20 Francs France Gold Coins – Rooster: These coins contain 0.1867 Troy oz of actual gold content. These coins have the effigy of Marianna on the obverse with the Gallic Rooster on the reverse. These coins were issued by the French Mint from 1899 to 1914.
  • 100 Corona Austrian Gold Coin: These coins were issued by the Austrian Mint beginning in the 1890s after the adoption of the gold standard. These coins have a denomination of 100 Corona and are made with .9803 Troy oz of actual gold content. These are some of the earliest gold bullion coins.

Purchasing Other Gold Bullion at BGASC

Any questions about Other Gold Bullion here at BGASC? Our team can be easily reached via email, through our online chat feature, or by giving us a call at 888-992-4272.