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KOMSCO South Korean Gold Rounds

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KOMSCO South Korean Gold Rounds at BGASC

KOMSCO, the official minting operation of South Korea, is responsible for striking coins and paper currency for South Korea. They also produce popular silver and gold bullion rounds that are among the most popular medals on the market. Learn more about KOMSCO South Korean Gold Rounds at BGASC, right here.

Chiwoo Cheonwang Series

The most well-known KOMSCO series is the Chiwoo Cheonwang Series. Chiwoo is seen as the god of war in Asian mythology and is depicted in many forms. The series debuted in 2016 with gold medals being issued annually. Each release features a new depiction of the god of war. The obverse shows a Doggaebi shield with identifying marks of the medal framing it. Notably, these rounds are issued in a value of 1 clay which essentially means 1 Troy oz. However, 1/10 Troy oz rounds are also available in special packaging.

Zi:Sin Series

The Zi:Sin Series is KOMSCO’s unique take on a lunar-themed series. This series debuted in 2017, contains 1 oz and 1/10 oz medals, and also with the Doggaebi shield on the obverse.

The reverse design, similar to the Chiwoo Cheonwang Series, changes annually. Each release features one of the 12 guardians. Each guardian protects a different direction during war. Furthermore, each guardian represents one of the 12 lunar animals.

Each round displays the guardian in human form, with armor that relates to the animal that they represent. Designs include the following:

  • 2017: Gallus – Rooster
  • 2018: Canis – Dog
  • 2019: Scofra – Pig
  • 2020: Rattus – Rat
  • 2021: Taurus – Ox
  • 2022: Tigris – Tiger
  • 2023: Lepus – Rabbit
  • 2024: Draco – Dragon
  • 2025: Ophidia – Snake
  • 2026: Equus – Horse
  • 2027: Ovis – Goat
  • 2028: Pithecus – Monkey

Korean Goddess Series

A new series from KOMSCO is the Korean Goddess Series which debuted in 2023. The first gold round features Princess Bari, a popular figure in Korean mythology. In folklore, she’s revered as the conductor of the souls of the dead. She was cast away by her parents and eventually rescued by Buddha. Bari is then summoned to travel to Western Heaven to receive medicinal water in order to save her parents. When she completes this task, she’s transformed into a deity.

Tiger Series

This series of medallions features a new image of a tiger on each release. Unlike most series from KOMSCO though, the reverse instead features a rendition of the Korean peninsula, rather than a Doggaebi shield.

The Korean peninsula is often said to take the shape of a tiger. Despite the fact that wild tigers are absent in South Korea, the Siberian tiger remains the country’s national animal.

Ordering KOMSCO South Korean Gold Rounds at BGASC

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