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$10.00 Eagles (Indian 1907 - 1933)

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$10 Indian Gold Eagles from BGASC

Between 1795 and 1933, the $10 US Eagle proved to be a mainstay in American gold currency. The $10 Eagle was the primary denomination issued in the series and the longest-running denomination of the four available in the US Eagle Series. The final design in the series was created by Augustus Saint-Gaudens in 1907 and debuted on the coins that same year. Famed for its combination of classic Liberty visuals and indigenous symbols, the $10 Indian Eagle is a popular gold coin with collectors.


The inclusion of Augustus Saint-Gaudens in US Mint coin design dates to 1905. When President Theodore Roosevelt’s inauguration medal was designed in 1905, the US Mint Chief Engraver and Assistant Chief Engraver, Charles E. Barber and George T. Morgan, respectively, created the designs. President Roosevelt was displeased with the resulting designs and engaged Saint-Gaudens in the process of redesigning his inauguration medal. He was so pleased with Saint-Gaudens’ work that he commissioned the artist to help redesign and modernize American currency.

Saint-Gaudens would create two impactful designs for the 1907 release of new artwork on US Eagle gold coins: the $20 Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle and the $10 Indian Eagle. The latter features a left-profile bust of Liberty wearing a feathered headdress on the obverse, with an American bald eagle perched on a sheaf of arrows that is encircled by an olive branch.

Design History

The Indian Gold Eagle had fewer design modifications than other denominations or design series in the program’s history. There were no major modifications to the visual elements of the coins, with Liberty and the Eagle remaining unchanged throughout the coin’s production history. There were slight variations in the coin design in 1907, with some coins issued in 1907 including dots before and after the inscription of TEN DOLLARS on the reverse. This was a rather uncommon feature of the coins, however. 

The primary change to the design elements came on the reverse in 1908. The coins issued in 1907 lacked the national motto of IN GOD WE TRUST. This inscription was added to the reverse of the coins in 1908. It features in front of the eagle’s chest on the reverse.

Certified $10 Indian Gold Eagles

One of the primary options when shopping for historic Pre-33 $10 Indian Gold Eagles is certified coins. Certified Indian Gold Eagles can range from those that have certified conditions in the About Uncirculated to Very Good or Extremely Fine conditions. It is also possible to find Mint State specimens, though these typically fall around Mint State 63 or lower.

Invest in $10 Indian Gold Eagles at BGASC

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