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Fairmont Collection

Fairmont Collection US Gold Coins at BGASC

Delve into the rich history of America’s gold coinage, replete with unique narratives, limited mintages, and tales of lost treasures. From coins resting at the bottom of the ocean with the S.S. Central America to those quietly stored in bank vaults for decades or even centuries before resurfacing, collectors will uncover a myriad of fascinating stories in the annals of Pre-33 Gold Coins from the United States Mint.

Introducing the Fairmont Collection

What exactly is the Fairmont Collection? It constitutes a portion of a cache of Pre-33 $5 US Half Eagle, $10 US Eagle, and $20 Double Eagle Gold Coins that recently made a reappearance in the numismatic market in the late-2010s. The term Fairmont Collection specifically denotes a subset of these coins that found their way outside the United States through international trade.

The narrative takes an intriguing twist as thousands of these specimens have been repatriated to the US. The more prevalent denominations in this collection are the $10 Eagle Gold Coin and $5 Half Eagle Gold Coin, with repatriation efforts commencing in the late-2010s.

Which Designs Prevail in the Fairmont Collection?

Encompassing dates from before the California Gold Rush to the onset of World War I, the Eagles and Half Eagles within the Fairmont Collection span a broad spectrum of American and European history. In summary, the Fairmont Collection specimens showcase the following designs:

  • $5 Half Eagle designs range from the ephemeral Classic Head Liberty Design (1834-1838) by William Kneass to the enduring Liberty Head (1839-1907) by Christian Gobrecht and the incuse-struck Indian Head (1908-1929) by Bela Lyon Pratt.
  • $10 Half Eagle designs span a similar timeframe in American coining history, featuring specimens adorned with both Christian Gobrecht’s Liberty Head design and Augustus Saint-Gaudens’ Indian Head design (1907-1933).
  • $20 Double Eagle designs showcase visual elements from James B. Longacre’s Liberty Head (1850-1907) to Augustus Saint-Gaudens’ iconic Liberty effigy (1907-1933).

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