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Proof Gold American Eagles

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Proof American Gold Eagle Coins at BGASC

When it comes to collecting American Gold Eagles, the Proof Gold Eagle is the leading choice for numismatists. Introduced in 1986, the Proof American Gold Eagle comes with the same four weights offered in the BU American Gold Eagle Series. The Proof Gold Eagle boasts frosted designs overlaying mirrored fields for unique visual appeal that stands out from the appearance of the BU and Burnished versions of the coin. 

Production History

The Proof American Gold Eagle was introduced at the same time the US Mint introduced the BU American Gold Eagle. However, there was one critical difference in the rollout of the Proof and BU versions of the coin. While the US Mint introduced all four weights for the BU Series in 1986, it took three years to rollout the same four weights in the Proof Series. The 1986 release featured only 1 oz gold. The 1987 date included the first 1/2 oz gold coins. Finally, in 1988 the 1/4 oz and 1/10 oz gold coins debuted in the series. Since 1988, there is only one missing date for Proof American Gold Eagles: 2009. Many numismatic issues from the US Mint were canceled in 2009 as the US Mint struggled to secure enough blanks to strike its BU gold and silver coins.

Mintage History

Proof American Gold Eagle Coins have gone through various periods when the US Mint used, or did not use, mintage caps for the Proof Gold Eagles. The 1 oz Proof Gold Eagle holds the two highest mintage records for the series, with its 1986 debut selling 446,290 units and its 1987 issue selling 147,498 units. The next highest records include:

  • 1988 1/10 oz – 143,881 coins
  • 1987 1/2 oz – 143,398 coins
  • 1990 1/10 oz – 99,349 coins
  • 1988 1/4 oz – 98,028 coins
  • 1988 1 oz – 87,133 coins

Certified Proof American Gold Eagles

Arguably one of the most popular options for numismatists is the Certified Proof Gold Eagle. These coins stand out not only for the exceptional visual appeal and beauty of the US Mint’s proof strike, but also for the superb overall quality of the design strike and the condition of the gold coin.

Collect Proof American Gold Eagles with BGASC

The Proof American Gold Eagle is a popular US Mint issue and is consistently available at BGASC. You can call us at 888-992-4272, chat with us online, or send us an email with your inquiries.