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Monarch Precious Metals Silver Bars & 3D Shapes

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Monarch Precious Metals Silver Bars at BGASC

One of the newer names in the precious metals industry is Monarch Precious Metals. Established in 2008 in southern Oregon, Monarch Precious Metals was founded as a direct response to the increasing demand for silver and gold bullion products with the global recession looming. Monarch Precious Metals is well-known in the industry for its hand-poured silver bars. These unique silver bars are made in a process that is similar to cast bars, which gives them a hand-made look and feel.

Hand-Poured Silver Bars

Monarch Precious Metals offers a wide array of hand-poured bars that have the appeal of cast silver bars. These bars feature identifying marks of the bar on the obverse, along with the Monarch logo on the obverse, to go with a blank reverse.

These bars come in several unique sizes such as 1 oz, 2 oz, 3 oz, 5 oz, 10 oz, 25 oz, and 50 oz. Bars are made with a purity of .999 pure silver.

Hand-poured bars are made by pouring molten silver into a prefabricated mold. The silver is allowed to cool, with one side being exposed, before design elements are stamped into the bar.

Tombstone Bars

One collection that Monarch is well-known for is their line of Tombstone-shaped Silver Bars. These bars are all made from 2 Troy oz of .999 pure silver and feature iconic Halloween-themed imagery on the obverse side.

Some popular options include the vampire, ghost, zombie hand, and witch among others. These bars also have the same reverse which includes the Monarch Precious Metals logo and a unique serial number. These bars will arrive in plastic sleeves placed inside a bag.

Building Block Bars

Fans of Lego will love the series of Building Block Silver Bars offered by Monarch Precious Metals. These Building Block Bars have the appearance of Legos, and when ordering multiples, you can stack these Building Block Bars on top of one another.

At BGASC we have these silver bars in the following sizes:

  • 1/2 Troy oz
  • 1 Troy oz
  • 10 Troy oz

Also available is the Building Block Silver Bar Starter Kit. This starter kit comes with twelve 1 Troy oz Building Blocks. Every Building Block has a purity of .999 pure silver.

Viking Bars

Another popular option is Monarch’s line of Viking Bars. These bars are made from 5 Troy oz of .999 pure silver and arrive individually in genuine leather pouches that are hand-made in the USA.

These silver bars showcase images of Vikings on the obverse, along with a Viking ship on the reverse, which is a consistent image in the overall series. Designs include the following:

  • Flair and Shield: Viking warrior with a large shield, swinging a flail. These bars have a blank reverse.
  • Battle Axe: Viking wielding a double-headed battle axe. These bars also have a blank reverse.
  • Archer: A Viking archer is seen with a bow and arrow, about to shoot one at the viewer.
  • Maiden Shield: Viking warrior woman holding a large shield and wielding a sword.
  • Double Axe: Viking in front-facing relief wielding an axe in each hand, looking at the viewer.

Egyptian Relics

Another popular series of silver bars produced by Monarch Precious Metals is their Egyptian Relics series. Made from .999 pure silver, these bars are available in 3 sizes, 1 oz, 2 oz, and 3 oz, with each showcasing unique Egyptian imagery.

The 1 oz silver bar displays Anubis, the protector of the graves and the guide to the underworld.

The 2 oz silver bar features four Egyptian goddesses, with two on the obverse and two on the reverse.

The 3 oz silver bar showcases Horus, the god of healing, protection, and the sun.

Purchasing Monarch Precious Metals Silver Bars at BGASC

For any inquiries about these Monarch Precious Metals Silver Bars, contact the BGASC customer service team today. We are readily available via email, through our online chat, or by calling us at 888-992-4272.