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Silver Bullets

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  • 1 oz Silver Bullet - .45 Caliber ACP
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  • 2 oz Silver Bullet - .308 (7.62 NATO)
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  • 2.5 oz Silver (Varied Condition, Any Mint, Various Forms)
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  • 5 oz Silver Bullet (12 Gauge, New)
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  • 10 oz Silver Bullet - .50 Caliber BMG
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  • Silver Bullets at BGASC

    There are many unique ways to invest in silver bullion. Traditional methods such as coins, bars, and rounds remain popular, but more unique options such as Silver Shot or Silver Statues have become increasingly popular as well. Another popular and new method is to purchase Silver Bullets. These bullets are replicas of popular bullets that contain actual silver. They can’t be used as a real bullet but offer collectors and investors a new method to showcase their collections or diversify their portfolios. Learn more about Silver Bullets right here at BGASC.

    1 oz Silver Bullet – .45 Caliber ACP

    The smallest size offered at BGASC represents the .45 caliber round. This an extremely recognizable round as the .45 caliber is among the most commonly manufactured handguns in the world today.

    These rounds are made from 1 Troy oz of .999 pure silver and are available individually or in packs of 10. The base of the bullet has identifying marks of the bullet. These bullets are 30.6 mm tall and 12.1 mm wide.

    2 oz Silver Bullet – .308 (7.62 NATO)

    Created by Winchester, this bullet is popular for sport hunting in America. These rounds are shot in single-shot rifles and are used for hunting animals such as deer.

    These Silver Bullets are made from 2 Troy oz of .999 pure silver, and similar to the .45 caliber Silver Bullet, are available individually or packaged in a box of 10.

    5 oz Silver Bullet (12 Gauge)

    The shotgun is one of the most popular and recognizable guns in the world, even for non-gun enthusiasts. Now you can buy a Silver Bullet in the shape of its equally iconic round, a 12 gauge bullet.

    This 5 Troy oz Silver Bullet has a purity of .999 pure silver. Similar to the other Silver Bullet options, identifying marks are stamped at the base of the bullet. Bullets are shipped individually in bags.

    10 oz Silver Bullet – .50 Caliber BMG

    This bullet was first seen near the end of World War I in 1921. These rounds go with the M2 Browning Machine Gun that was used by Americans during the war. These rounds can be fired at a rate of 450 to 600 per minute.

    These Silver Bullets are made from 10 Troy oz of .999 pure silver. These bullets will arrive individually within a display box as identifying marks of the bullet are stamped at the base.

    25 oz Silver Bullet – 20mm Autocannon

    The smallest caliber of Autocannon rounds is the popular 20mm round. These rounds are typically not used to target individual people, but rather large objects such as vehicles and aircraft. These rounds were popular in World War I and can now be seen with Autocannons on tanks and naval ships.

    Dimensions for these Silver Bullets are 168 mm tall by 29 mm base. These Silver Bullets are made from 25 Troy oz of .999 pure silver. Bullets are packaged and shipped individually in presentation boxes.

    100 oz Silver Bullet – 30mm Chain Gun Round

    The largest size of Silver Bullet available here at BGASC is the 30mm Chain Gun Round. The U.S. military uses these rounds in the AH-64 Apache helicopter and the A-10 Thunderbolt II aircraft.

    These Silver Bullets have a purity of .999 pure silver and contain 100 Troy oz of silver content. Dimensions are 311.15 mm tall by 44.45 mm base, making it almost twice the length of the 20mm Silver Bullets.

    Buying Silver Bullets at BGASC

    For any questions regarding Silver Bullets at BGASC, contact our customer service team today. We can be reached via email, through our online chat feature, or by calling us at 888-992-4272.