07/15/2024 12:42:10 PM

Antiqued and Colorized Silver Rounds

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Antique and Colorized Silver Rounds at BGASC

Silver rounds are typically made as BU strikes. For more numismatic options, proof strikes and high-relief strikes are also available. However, rounds are made in several unique ways. Two other popular strikes are antique and colorized. Learn more about these unique methods of striking silver rounds, right here at BGASC.

Colorized Rounds

Colorized Rounds are simply put, silver rounds that have colorization on at least one side. This can be done by applying a sticker to the surface. Another method is to add ink, or paint, through a printing process. Other mints will add color by using an enamel process to fill areas with paint.

Antique Rounds

An antique round is a round that is struck to make the round appear as if it’s been aged. Rounds are usually immersed in an oxidizing solution that will blacken the round. The round is then placed in a degreasing solution before being dried.

Ordering Antique and Colorized Silver Rounds at BGASC

For any questions about these Antique and Colorized Silver Rounds, contact the BGASC team today. We can be easily reached via email, through our online chat feature, or by giving us a call at 888-992-4272.