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Sunshine Silver Rounds

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Sunshine Silver Rounds at BGASC

Sunshine Minting is among the most popular private mints in all of the United States. The well-known mint creates several silver round options, some of which utilize their own unique designs. Learn more about these Sunshine silver rounds right here at BGASC.

MintMark SI

Most all of Sunshine’s silver rounds will feature their popular security feature, also known as MintMark SI, on the reverse. This security element can only be viewed when looking at it through a Sunshine decoder lens.

Popular Coin Imagery

Many silver rounds from Sunshine Minting feature popular American coin images. This gives collectors a chance to purchase a popular design they know and love, at a much lower premium. Designs seen on Sunshine rounds include the iconic 1913 Buffalo Nickel (seen on the American Gold Buffalo) the Walking Liberty design of Adolph A. Weinman (now seen on the American Silver Eagle) and even the Morgan Silver Dollar design.

Unique Designs

There are several options though that feature unique imagery created by Sunshine. One option is their standard Sunshine silver round which features the Sunshine eagle. Another option is the Mercury round which shows the Roman god running with his winged cap and staff.

Buying Sunshine Silver Rounds at BGASC

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