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24-Karat Gold Bullion Bars by Weight

Gold Bullion Bars by Weight at BGASC

BGASC categorizes its gold bullion bars in several different ways, making it easier for customers to shop based on individual preferences. We have our gold bars categorized by brand and weight. For those who care less about brand and more about specific volumes, this category breaks down the various gold bar weights that are common in the market.

1 oz Gold Bars

1-ounce gold bars stand out as one of the most sought-after options in today’s gold market, leading to their production by numerous mints. Even mints with limited gold bullion offerings prioritize crafting 1-ounce bars. The abundance of producing mints fosters intense competition, compelling them to continually vie for competitive pricing. Increased competition benefits consumers by preventing any single company from monopolizing the market.

10 oz Gold Bars

Investing in 10-ounce gold bars represents a significant initial or incremental investment. Our 10-ounce gold bars boast a purity level of .9999, often indicated directly on the bar alongside the weight and mintmark. With various producers of 10-ounce bars, pricing may slightly fluctuate, yet what truly matters is the bar’s weight and purity for potential resale and profit maximization.

Gram Weights

Gold bars offered in gram and kilogram weights present a diverse range of options, unlike many other forms of gold bullion. While gold bullion coins typically offer limited weight options, bars span from 1 gram to 1 kilogram, offering flexibility to investors. Similar to ounce gold bars, gram and kilogram bars come from different companies worldwide. Our selection exclusively features bars from esteemed mints, ensuring premium quality for your investment portfolio.

Kilogram Gold Bars

The 1-kilogram gold bar stands as the largest commonly available option for investors. Produced by renowned entities like PAMP Suisse, Johnson Matthey, and others, these bars remain a favorite among investors. A standard 1-kilogram gold bar weighs precisely 1,000 grams, approximately 32.15 troy ounces, with dimensions typically around 80mm width, 40mm height, and 18mm thickness, albeit dimensions may vary slightly by manufacturer.

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