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Nebü Necklaces

Nebü stands as one of the rapidly advancing brands within the gold bullion sector. While other prominent names focus on crafting gold bars, rounds, and coins primarily for investment purposes, Nebü sets itself apart by fashioning wearable gold bullion in the elegant form of fine jewelry. Exclusively crafted from .9999 pure gold sourced from South Africa, Nebü’s distinctive chains and necklaces are designed to be worn either on their own or adorned with a pendant. Explore the entire collection of Nebü Gold Necklaces here at BGASC.

Gold Composition of Nebü Gold Necklaces

The majority of Nebü’s gold bullion products boast .9999 pure gold sourced from South Africa. However, there’s a unique characteristic in their necklace collection. In contrast to the standard 24K gold, Nebü’s necklaces are meticulously crafted from 22K gold.


Nebü’s necklaces and chains are equipped with a lobster clasp, embodying a design that is both simple and elegant. These necklaces are crafted with versatility in mind, allowing them to be worn independently or paired seamlessly with a pendant or charm.

Discover some of Nebü’s popular designs:

  • Rope Chain: These necklaces feature a braided-rope appearance, offering a tactile experience as your hand glides across the chain.
  • Wheat Chain: Showcasing a design reminiscent of a wheat stalk, these necklaces add a touch of texture.
  • Round Cable Chain: Interlocking rounded cables form a stunning gold chain.
  • Flat Curb Chain: Similar to the Round Cable Chain, these necklaces feature flatter cable designs.
  • Figaro Trinity Chain: This unique necklace presents a repeating pattern of a single long chain, followed by three interlocking chains.

Investing in Premium, Wearable Gold Bullion at BGASC

BGASC proudly presents Nebü gold bullion necklaces to investors who seek to wear their gold bullion investments. For inquiries about Nebü Gold Earrings at BGASC, feel free to reach out to our dedicated customer service team. Contact us via email, through our online chat feature, or at our toll-free number 888-992-4272.