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Noah's Ark Gold Coins

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Noah’s Ark Gold Coins at BGASC

Geiger Edelmetalle is known for its square bars, and for being the oldest silver trading house in Germany. Geiger is also known for the popular and recent coin program – Noah’s Ark Gold Coins. This series started as a silver coin program but has recently incorporated gold coins into its annual batches of releases. Learn more about these coins right here, at BGASC.


Silver coins are issued in several unique sizes. Gold coins are released annually in 4 unique sizes. These sizes include 1 gram (0.03215 Troy oz), 1/4 Troy oz, 1/2 Troy oz, and 1 Troy oz.

Design of Noah’s Ark Gold Coins

The design of these coins, and the silver coin series, has been the same every year they were released.

The obverse of these coins showcases the Armenian coat of arms. Interestingly, the Armenian coat of arms includes Noah’s Ark imagery in the design. The design shows a shield that is being propped up by an eagle and a lion. The shield also showcases heraldic eagles and lions. Also portrayed on the shield is Noah’s Ark on top of Mount Ararat.

The reverse of these coins features Noah’s Ark floating in the water. In the background, we can see Mount Ararat, while in the foreground we can see a dove flying at the viewer.

History of the Noah’s Ark Gold Coins

Silver coins debuted in 2011 in an array of sizes. It wasn’t until 2017 when 4 gold proof strikes were released for one year only. In 2020, gold bullion coins were released in the same 4 sizes as the 4 original proof strikes. These 4 sizes have been issued annually ever since.

This series is inspired by the popular Noah’s Ark story in the Bible. God punished the world for their collective sins and thus caused a flood. God though gave Noah a warning and told him to make a boat large enough for himself, his family, and 2 of every animal.

Noah listened, and sure enough, what God said came true. The world became submerged in water. However, Noah listened, and he, along with his family and all the animals were safe. Eventually, Noah found refuge atop Mount Ararat.

Buying Noah’s Ark Gold Coins at BGASC

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