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Precious Metals Depositories for Self-Directed IRAs

What Exactly Is A Precious Metals Depository?

A Precious Metals Depository is a large, high-security facility that warehouses high-value items such as gold and silver coins, bars and rounds for individuals and business entities alike.

How Do I Choose A Precious Metals Depository?

We suggest you compare depository services, fees and expenses. Read all fine print and make sure that you have a thorough understanding of all involved. Fees and expenses may include such items as account set up fees and annual bullion storage fees.

Our Preferred Depository

A-M Global Logistics, LLC.

A-M Global Logistics is a full-service depository located in Los Vegas, Nevada. AMGL provides first-rate depository storage services and also offers additional services including evaluation, fulfillment, shipping, and allocated/unallocated inventory with delivery and storage options available at other worldwide locations.

I’ve Chosen A Precious Metals Depository. Now What?

Once you’ve placed your Precious Metals IRA order with BGASC.com and we’ve received payment from your Self-Directed IRA Custodian, we will ship your Precious Metals directly to your chosen depository. Once they arrive at your depository, they will be inventoried and fully allocated. The custodian will then report back to you that the metals have been received.

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