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Austrian Gold Wiener (Vienna) Philharmonic Coins

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Austrian Gold Philharmonics from BGASC

When it comes to buying gold, investors have various options, from gold bars to gold coins. One of the popular choices is the Austrian Gold Philharmonic, first issued by the Austrian Mint in 1989. Only a few gold coins have been around longer than the Gold Philharmonic.

Celebrating Arts & Culture

The Austrian Mint introduced the Gold Philharmonic coins in 1989. The collection started with 1 oz and 1/4 oz options, later expanding to include 1/10 oz (1991), 1/2 oz (1994), and 1/25 oz (2014). The designs focus on the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, formed officially in 1842, reflecting Austria’s cultural pride.

Design Highlights

Designed by Chief Engraver Thomas Pesendorfer, the obverse features the Musikverein pipe organ from Vienna’s Golden Hall. German engravings indicate Austria’s details. The reverse showcases instruments used by the Vienna Philharmonic, with engravings in German reading “Weiner Philharmoniker.” These designs remain consistent since 1989.

Austrian Gold Philharmonic Details

All coins in the series have .9999 pure gold. Originally valued in Austrian Shillings (1989-2001), face values shifted to Euros in 2002. The coins include denominations of €100 (1 oz), €50 (1/2 oz), €25 (1/4 oz), €10 (1/10 oz), and €4 (1/25 oz).

Diversity and Availability

The Austrian Mint adjusts production based on demand, leading to fluctuations in mintages. Notable years include 1990, 1992, 1995, 1996, and 2000, with high demand. While not issued as a proof collectible, unique offerings like the “Big Phil” (2004) with 1,000 oz of gold and the 20 oz Gold Philharmonic (2009) mark special occasions.

25th Anniversary Coin

Introduced in 2014, the 1/25 oz coin was initially a 25th-anniversary edition. Due to its popularity, the Austrian Mint continued to include it in the collection, catering to enthusiasts of smaller fractional-weight gold coins.

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