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Buy Copper Bullets, Pennies, and Shot

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Copper Bullets, Pennies, and Shot at BGASC

Copper bullion is an affordable and popular precious metal that has been on the rise as of late. Copper bullion is available in many different forms such as rounds, and bars, yet more unique options are available as well such as bullets, pennies, and shot. Learn more about these unique copper bullion products right here at BGASC.

Copper Bullets

One popular option is to purchase copper bullets. These bullets are replicas of actual ammunition rounds and offer investment value as well as a great conversation piece. At BGASC, we have a few unique options to choose from.

  • 8 oz Copper Bullet: These bullets arrive in protective plastic bags. Each round contains 8 AVDP oz of .999 pure copper and is a replica of the .50 Browning Machine Gun. Identifying marks of the bullet are shown at the base.
  • 1 Kilo Autocannon Copper Bullet: These bullets also arrive in plastic bags and are made from .999 pure copper. Each bullet has 1 kilogram (35.2739 AVDP oz) of copper. These rounds are replicas of an autocannon round.

For other bullets, we also offer silver bullets here at BGASC.

Copper Pennies

Another option is to invest in copper pennies, oftentimes referred to as wheat pennies. Wheat pennies were minted from 1909 to 1958. These pennies were struck by the Philadelphia Mint, San Francisco Mint, and the Denver Mint. Wheat pennies, in particular, refer to a specific design that features Abraham Lincoln on the obverse.

Copper pennies meanwhile were introduced in 1793. Pennies from 1793 to 1795 were made from pure copper. From 1856 to 1864 copper pennies included nickel in their composition. From 1864 until 1962 these pennies were composed of 95% copper. Ever since 1982, pennies have been made from 97.5% zinc and 2.5% copper. Thus, pre-1982 pennies which contain substantially more copper have proved to be a great investment due to the metal content as well as the rarity.

Investing in Copper Bullets, Pennies, and Shot at BGASC

For any questions about Copper Bullets, Pennies, and Shot, contact the BGASC team today. We can be easily reached via email, through our online chat feature, or by giving us a call at 888-992-4272.