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Australian Gold Coins

Australian Gold Coins from BGASC

Investors and collectors seeking the pinnacle of precious metal assets consistently turn to gold coins. In the realm of these valuable commodities, gold stands as the industry standard. Globally, numerous mints—both sovereign and private—offer a diverse array of gold bullion options, catering to numismatists and collectors alike. Among the most notable programs are those from the Perth Mint, Australia’s oldest operational mint. Discover these distinguished offerings, available for online purchase at BGASC.

Discover Perth Mint’s Legacy

Australia boasts two prominent minting facilities dedicated to crafting gold coins for discerning collectors and investors. The state-owned Perth Mint, renowned for its popular annual-release bullion coins and coveted Lunar Series, takes center stage. This esteemed institution has played a pivotal role since 1899, becoming the oldest operating facility in Australia and the South Pacific.

The Birth of Australian Gold

During the era of British colonial rule in Australia, the discovery of substantial gold and silver reserves, especially in the Outback and Western regions, prompted the Royal Mint of London to establish a minting system. This system, inaugurated in 1855 with the Sydney Mint and followed by the Melbourne Mint in 1872, culminated in the opening of the Perth Mint in 1899. Today, the Perth Mint, owned by the government of Western Australia, holds a distinct position as a premier precious metal refiner and coin producer.

Perth Mint Monarch Portraits Unveiled

Since the debut of the Australian Gold Nugget/Kangaroo in 1986, the Perth Mint has adorned its gold bullion coins with various monarch portraits. Until 2024, Queen Elizabeth II graced all programs. However, a new era began in 2024 with the introduction of the first image of King Charles III, marking a historic shift in design. Notable portraits include Ian Rank-Broadley’s depiction (1999-2017) and Jody Clark’s portrayal (2017/2018-2023), with the current era featuring Dan Thorne’s left-profile bust of King Charles III.

Perth Mint Gold Koala Coins: Capturing Elegance

Introduced in 2007, the Gold Koala coins showcase the Perth Mint’s artistic prowess. While the silver and gold programs share a common theme—the iconic koala and its eucalyptus leaf diet—the design changes annually, adding allure to each coin. The Gold Koala, available in select weights, features enchanting depictions of the koala in its natural habitat, with engravings highlighting series details.

Perth Mint Gold Kangaroo Coins: A Symbolic Shift

Originating as the Australian Gold Nugget in 1987, the Gold Kangaroo underwent a transformative shift in 1989, adopting the beloved kangaroo motif. The Perth Mint adheres to its tradition of rotating designs, presenting collectors with a fresh portrayal of the iconic marsupial in its natural setting each year.

Perth Mint Gold Kookaburra Coins: The Longest-Running Series

The Kookaburra Series, initiated in 1990 as a silver coin, extends to gold bullion annually. Depicting the native kookaburra in evolving designs, this series captures the bird in its natural habitat. The reverse side features engravings denoting the coin’s identity.

Perth Mint Gold Lunar Series Coins: A Lunar Legacy

Whether from Lunar Series I or II, Perth Mint Gold Lunar Coins share common characteristics. Crafted in .9999 pure gold, these legal tender coins encompass various weights. The bullion versions typically include 1 oz, ½ oz, ¼ oz, 1/10 oz, and 1/20 oz, with occasional special editions. The Lunar coins in proof, introduced in Lunar Series II, feature limited production in 1 oz, ¼ oz, and 1/10 oz weights.

Rectangular Gold Coins: A Distinctive Endeavor

Renowned for innovation, the Perth Mint introduced rectangular bullion coins during the Lunar Series II (2008-2019). In 2018, the Australian Rectangular Dragon Gold Series emerged, boasting legal tender status and unique designs capturing the dragon’s essence.

Australian Gold Wedge Tail Eagle Coins: A Majestic Collection

The Australian Wedge Tail Eagle, launched in 2014 with designs by John Mercanti, presents a captivating gold bullion option. With changing reverse designs, this series has become a best-seller, offering a range of weights to cater to diverse investor preferences.

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