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U.S. Gold Commemorative Coins

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US Gold Commemorative Coins from BGASC

For those investing in modern gold bullion, commemorative coins have become a popular choice. Although the history of US commemorative coinage is not as diverse as contemporary options, it holds a rich legacy dating back to the issuance of the first-ever US commemorative coin in 1848. The US Mint has sporadically released commemorative coins in silver, copper, and gold since then. The modern era of commemorative gold coins from the US Mint began in 1986, honoring significant anniversaries and historical figures in the nation’s history. Explore the range of US commemorative gold coins available from BGASC below.

Inaugural US Commemorative Gold Coins

In 1982, the United States Mint reintroduced commemorative coinage after a prolonged hiatus. The initial release was a silver $.50 (USD) coin featuring George Washington on horseback on the obverse and his Mount Vernon estate with an eagle on the reverse. This coin marked the 250th anniversary of Washington’s birth in 1732, representing the first commemorative coin from the US Mint since the post-World War II era in 1954.

The first US commemorative gold coin, a $10 (USD) piece, celebrated the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles. Subsequently, the US Mint issued various $5 and $10 commemorative gold coins, each bearing unique designs.

BGASC offers a selection of $5 and $10 US Commemorative Gold Bullion coins in random lots, providing a unique assortment based on warehouse availability. Please note that designs and date marks cannot be reserved, and orders may include multiples of the same design and year.

2016 Commemorative Gold Coins – A Special Release

In 2016, the US Mint marked the 100th anniversary of significant circulation coin designs by reissuing three iconic coins with limited mintage figures, commemorative boxes, Certificates of Authenticity, and 24-karat gold content:

  • Mercury Dime
  • Standing Liberty
  • Walking Liberty

Each coin reflected the original designs from 1916 and featured 24-karat gold. The US Mint originally issued them with individual boxes and Certificates of Authenticity, and some specimens are available with certifications from the Professional Coin Grading Service or Numismatic Guaranty Corporation.

American Liberty Gold Coins

In 2017, the United States Mint introduced the American Liberty Gold Coins collection to commemorate the 225th anniversary of the mint’s founding in 1792. Departing from traditional depictions, these coins portrayed Liberty with African-American characteristics. The 2019 American Liberty Gold Coins showcased a new design, featuring Liberty in left-profile relief with a crown formed by the sun’s rays behind her head.

Available in protective plastic capsules with presentation boxes and a Certificate of Authenticity, these coins are produced by the West Point Mint and bear a “W” mint mark on the obverse.

History of US Commemorative Coinage

The journey of US commemorative coinage began in 1848 with the issuance of a $2.50 (USD) gold piece marking the discovery of gold in California. While this coin is often regarded as the first, many lists of US commemorative gold coins start with the 1892 half-dollar coin honoring Christopher Columbus’ voyage. Throughout the early 20th century, the US Mint issued various commemorative coins, including the 1926 Sesquicentennial half dollar and the 1926 Sesquicentennial quarter.

Explore BGASC’s Collection

BGASC offers a diverse selection of US commemorative gold coins, including those mentioned above. For further inquiries about our gold offerings, feel free to contact our customer service team at 888-992-4272, via web chat on our website, or through email.