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BGASC Branded Silver

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1 oz BGASC Silver Round (New)

In Stock

As low as $2.59 per round over spot!

One of the best options to offer any loyal customer base is precious metals with their favorite brand’s logo on the surface of silver bars or rounds. BGASC enjoys providing its customers with our own BGASC-branded silver bullion, including 1 oz silver rounds. Right now, 1 oz BGAS Silver Rounds are available to purchase online. R...Read More

1-19 $34.14 $34.50 $35.56
20-99 $33.84 $34.19 $35.25
100-499 $33.54 $33.89 $34.94
500+ $33.14 $33.49 $34.52

1 oz BGASC Silver Round (New, BGASC Card)

In Stock

As low as $4.29 per round over spot!

There’s no better way to show your support for the precious metals retailer you love than to buy silver branded with its name and logo. BGASC has consistently offered investors a chance to buy silver rounds and bars with our logo, and now we have made that unique option even more attractive with a special BGASC clamshell card. Toda...Read More

1-9 $35.84 $36.21 $37.33
10+ $34.84 $35.20 $36.29

1 Kilo BGASC Silver Bar (New)

In Stock

As low as $1.99 per oz over spot!

When it comes to buying silver bars, some of the best items are those that showcase your brand loyalty. For BGASC fans, we are proud to offer silver rounds and silver bars with our brand logo engraved or stamped on the products. What better way to show off where you prefer to buy your precious metals? Right now, BGASC has 1 Kilo BGAS...Read More

1-9 $1,078.31 $1,089.54 $1,123.24
10-14 $1,062.24 $1,073.30 $1,106.49
15+ $1,046.16 $1,057.06 $1,089.75

100 oz BGASC Silver Bar (New)

In Stock

As low as $1.79 per oz over spot!

There’s only one thing better than investing in silver bullion bars, and that’s showing off the brand you trust the most when doing so. BGASC-branded silver bullion is ever-expanding and offers a chance for our loyal customers to invest in silver while showing off their preferred precious metals dealer. Today, 100 oz BGASC Silver...Read More

1-4 $3,284.00 $3,318.21 $3,420.83
5+ $3,234.00 $3,267.69 $3,368.75

BGASC Branded Silver at BGASC

You’ll notice when browsing our selection of silver bullion, we have quite a few options that are BGASC branded. These bars or rounds will display the BGASC logo and are struck by private mints. Learn more about BGASC Braded Silver, right here.

BGASC Silver Bars

At BGASC, we have a line of Silver Bars that bear the BGASC logo. You’ll find a few options available, such as the 1 kilo BGASC Silver Bar, and the 100 oz BGASC Silver Bar. These two options are cast bars.

The obverse of each option is similar in design. The top of the bar shows the BGASC logo while the bottom displays the metal content and the purity of the bar. The reverse of each option is intentionally left blank.

Each bar will be shipped individually in a box to preserve the condition of your .999 pure silver bar. The 1 kilogram option can also be purchased in bulk and will arrive in a Monster Box of 15 silver bars.

BGASC Silver Rounds

We also carry a line of BGASC Branded Silver Rounds. This 1 oz BGASC Silver Round contains 1 Troy oz of .999 pure silver. These rounds feature the BGASC logo on the obverse, surrounded by identifying marks of the round. The reverse showcases an American bald eagle. The eagle is in front-facing relief, looking to its right. Its wings are spread wide as a shield can be seen in the background. Inscriptions read “Fast, Trusted, Reliable,” and “Minted in the U.S.A.”

Individual silver rounds can be purchased in plastic flips. For larger orders, tubes of 20, and even boxes of 500 are available. We also have an option for you to purchase this round sealed in a protective display card.

Buying BGASC Branded Silver at BGASC

If you have any questions regarding BGASC Branded Silver, contact the BGASC customer service team today. We can be reached via email, through our online chat feature, or by calling us at 888-992-4272.