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PAMP Suisse Silver Bars

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PAMP Suisse Silver Bars at BGASC

PAMP Suisse is one of the most recognizable names in all precious metals. Established in 1977, PAMP Suisse was acquired by MKS SA just four years later. By 2021, PAMP SA merged with MKS to create MKS PAMP SA. While they’re more well-known for their gold bar products, they also produce a wide array of popular silver bars as well. Learn more about PAMP Suisse Silver Bars, right here at BGASC.

Cast Silver Bars

PAMP Suisse has a few cast silver bar options. Available in 1 kilo, 100 oz, and 10 oz weight, these cast bars display the identifying marks of the bar on the obverse and have a blank reverse. Each bar, from top to bottom, features the PAMP logo, metal content, purity, an assayer’s mark, and a unique serial number.

Silver Bars are made with a .999 pure silver purity. Bars can be purchased individually; however, each weight has a bulk option as well. 10 oz silver bars can be purchased in sealed boxes of 50, the 1-kilo bar can be purchased in boxes of 15, while the 100 oz silver bar can be purchased in a box of 5.

PEZ Wafers

One of the more unique silver bullion products on the market is the line of PEZ Wafers by PAMP Suisse. Each wafer is designed to look exactly like PEZ candy. You’ll notice that some products, such as the 30 Gram PAMP Suisse Silver Reindeer PEZ Wafers & Dispenser, will come as a set with a PEZ dispenser.

Each wafer contains 5 Grams of .9999 pure silver. Products such as the one mentioned above would come with 6 wafers. The obverse of these wafers displays the PEZ logo on the obverse and the identifying marks of the bar on the reverse.

Bengal Tiger Bar

Another popular option is the 10 oz Bengal Tiger Silver Bar from PAMP Suisse. This unique minted ingot contains 10 Troy oz of .9999 pure silver and has a mintage of just 2,500.

Each bar comes with a booklet-style assay certificate that also features information about the Bengal Tiger. These bars showcase a terrifying depiction of the Bengal Tiger roaring at the viewer. Meanwhile, the reverse displays identifying marks of the bar, along with another depiction of the animal.

Fortuna Bars

Maybe PAMP Suisse’s most popular product is the Fortuna bar. PAMP Suisse creates this bar in several sizes in both silver and gold. These minted ingots showcase the goddess, Fortuna, on the obverse. This image shows Fortuna blindfolded as a cornucopia extends from her ears to her hands.

The reverse showcases identifying marks of the bar. Minted ingots arrive in sealed blisterpacks as each bar has a purity of .999 pure silver.

Recently, PAMP just released 45th anniversary Fortuna bars to commemorate 45 years of the iconic design. These releases show the iconic Fortuna on the right with inscriptions reading “45th anniversary Lady Fortuna” on the left.

Call of Duty Silver Bars

PAMP Suisse released multiple silver sizes of Call of Duty-themed bars to commemorate the release of Modern Warfare III. These silver bars come with a pendant, allowing you to wear the silver bar as a necklace if you choose to do so.

What makes this release unique is that each bar comes with an in-game code that you can redeem for a weapon charm.

The obverse shows identifying marks of the bar while the reverse displays Captain Price, a well-known character in the Call of Duty universe.

Lunar Silver Bars

PAMP Suisse also annually releases lunar-themed silver bars. These silver bars will show the lunar animal on both the obverse and reverse, with each side depicting the animal at a different angle.

For 2024, they released a lunar azure dragon bar that instead features the moon and all 12 zodiac animals on the obverse. These silver bars arrive sealed in blisterpacks and are made from .999 silver.

Buying PAMP Suisse Silver Bars at BGASC

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