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3 oz Silver Bars

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  • 2 oz David Silver Stackable (New)
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  • 3 oz Valcambi Skyline Silver CombiBar (3x1 oz w/ Assay)
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  • 3 oz Silver Bars at BGASC

    When looking at 3 oz Silver Bars, you’ll likely see a lot of hand-poured silver bars that dominate the market. Typically, minted ingots and cast bars are struck in other sizes, allowing for these unique bars to be popular 3 oz silver bar offerings. Learn more about these unique silver bars and 3 oz Silver Bars at BGASC in general, right here.

    MK Barz

    One of the most well-known producers of hand-poured bars is MK Barz. MK Barz is a relatively newer name in the world of precious metals as they were established in 2014 in Los Angeles, California.

    The company is well-known for its lines of hand-poured silver bullion and even recently opened a brick-and-mortar location in Granada Hills, California.

    Hand-poured bars are created by pouring molten silver into a mold and left to cool. One side of the mold is left exposed. The process makes each bar unique and gives each bar a hand-made look and feel.


    Valcambi is well-known for its CombiBars.These divisible bars are large silver bars that are able to be broken off into smaller pieces. Valcambi recently released a 3 oz CombiBar with a unique Skyline design, appropriately called a Skyline Silver CombiBar.

    This bar is a 3 oz silver bar, that is made up of three 1 oz bars that can be broken off. Each 1 oz bar shows the image of a skyline on the reverse with a skyscraper on the obverse. These bars arrive in sealed blisterpacks and are made from .999 silver.

    Purchasing 3 oz Silver Bars at BGASC

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