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All Silver Notes/Silverbacks

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All Silver Notes/ Silverbacks at BGASC

Silver Notes and Silverbacks offer investors and collectors unique opportunities to not only invest in silver but also acquire unique pieces of art. While the overall silver content is not nearly as much as most silver coins or bars, these Silver Notes/ Silverbacks are a great way to diversify your portfolio. Learn more about Silver Notes/ Silverbacks right here at BGASC.

Silver Notes

  • 2023 5 Gram Cook Islands Silver Iron Maiden Note: Celebrates the 40th anniversary of Iron Maiden’s classic album, Piece of Mind. These notes have Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse while Iron Maiden’s mascot is on the reverse.
  • 2024 5 Gram Colorized Mongolia Silver Year of the Dragon Note: For fans of the Chinese zodiac, celebrate the Year of the Dragon with this release. These notes bear a face value backed by Mongolia and display the Bank of Mongolia seal on the obverse. The reverse showcases a unique dragon design made with proof-like visuals.
  • 3 Gram Samoa Silver Harry Potter Note: Arriving in a Harry Potter-themed sleeve, these notes feature the Hogwarts school crest on the reverse in full color.
  • Samoa Lord of the Rings 3 Gram Silver Note: These notes show the One Ring of Power from Lord of the Rings on the reverse. These notes arrive in a Lord of the Rings-themed sleeve.


  • 1 Dragon Silverback Silver Note: The first silverback created is the 1 Dragon Silverback Silver Note. These Silverbacks contain 1/1000th Troy oz of .999 pure silver and feature the same design elements on both sides. A dragon is seen guarding a giant pile of wealth. In the foreground, we can see that this wealth includes popular bullion products such as American Silver Eagles.
  • 1 Dragon Silverback Silver Note (100 Pack): You can also purchase a 100 pack of these notes. These arrive in a bundle and in total contain 1/10th Troy oz of .999 pure silver.

Acquiring Silver Notes/ Silverbacks at BGASC

Want to acquire Silver Notes/ Silverbacks for your portfolio? Contact the BGASC customer service team today. Our team can be reached via email, through our online chat feature, or by calling us at 888-992-4272.