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  • 1 Dragon Silverback Silver Note (New)
    As Low As: $8.99
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  • 1 Dragon Silverback Silver Note (100 Pack, New)
    As Low As: $899.00
    In Stock
  • Silverbacks at BGASC

    One of the most innovative products released recently is the line of Goldbacks. These gold notes contain actual 24-karat gold and act as voluntary currency in the state in which they’re issued. Now, Silverbacks continue the trend as they’re notes that contain actual silver, with a stunning design. While they don’t act as any form of currency, they serve as a unique, stunning addition to any collection or portfolio. Learn more about Silverbacks, right here at BGASC.

    Creation Process and Shipping

    Like other similar products, these Silverbacks are created by combining thin layers of pure silver together between polyester sheets. This in turn protects the pure silver. Due to the thin nature of these Silverbacks, the same design is seen on both sides. A separate reverse design would interfere with the design on the obverse.

    Silverbacks are shipped inside of currency sleeved to ensure that during shipping and handling, the Silverback won’t get damaged. For larger orders, packs of 100 are also available.

    Dragon Silverbacks

    The 1 Dragon Silverback Silver Note is the first Silverback created. These Silverbacks show a dragon guarding a massive pile of wealth. In the foreground, you can see popular coin programs and bars such as the American Silver Eagle.

    These notes contain 1/1000th Troy oz of .999 pure silver. Each Silverback also has the exclusive anti-varnish technology from Valaurum.

    Buying Silverbacks at BGASC

    Call the BGASC customer service team at 888-992-4272 with any questions you may have about Silverbacks or any other Silver Notes. Our team can also be reached via email or through our online chat feature.