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Gold Notes

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Buy Gold Notes from BGASC

When you shop online for gold, there are various options available at BGASC. While many customers go for the standard 1 oz gold choices like gold coins or minted gold ingots, there are more options for diversity. Some of these choices are not only more affordable with lower weights but also come with unique designs you won’t find in other gold forms. Discover the gold notes offered by BGASC below.

Gold Note Definition

Modern gold notes are thin gold bullion items that look like paper banknotes but serve the same purpose as gold bullion bars. These specific gold notes are made uniquely, consisting of layers of gold between two secure, flexible polyester sheets. This results in a visually stunning product, with the polyester layers ensuring the protection of the 24-karat gold inside. Each gold note has enough gold between the polyester sheets to give it a specific weight.

Goldback Series

One of the most interesting gold note programs currently available is Goldbacks. Created in the same way as mentioned before, Goldbacks are a set of gold notes that make up a voluntary local currency accepted for commercial payments in an increasing number of US states. Vendors must voluntarily decide to accept Goldbacks for transactions to use them as currency. At the very least, Goldbacks are exceptional 24-karat gold bullion notes, providing an affordable way to diversify your gold holdings.

Goldbacks come in various weights, including the smallest weight of physical gold bullion produced today in the form of the 1/1000 Troy oz .9999 pure gold note. Other weights include the 1/200 Troy oz, 1/100 Troy oz, 1/40 Troy oz, and 1/20 Troy oz. Designs for Goldbacks are unique for each release and state and include twists on various female allegories like Liberty, Victory, Prudence, Fortitude, Justice, Sophia, and Charity. Goldback Series have been issued for Utah, Nevada, Wyoming, and New Hampshire. It’s important to note that Goldbacks are not legal tender in the United States.

Replica Gold Notes

Other examples of gold notes replicate the appearance of historic banknotes worldwide and feature unique designs. These gold notes are produced using the same method with thin layers of gold between polyester sheets. Examples include the 1 Gram Buffalo Note, inspired by a historic $10 Bison Note of 1901; the 1/10 Gram 500 Euro Replica Note, an exact replica of the 500 Euro banknote design; and the 1/10 Gram Liberty Note, inspired loosely by historic images of Liberty from Augustus Saint-Gaudens.

Buying Gold Notes from BGASC

Keep an eye on our online gold notes category for these items and more coming in stock at BGASC. If you have any questions about our gold notes for sale, contact our customer service team at 888-992-4272, chat with us live online, or email us.