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Types of Bullion Products

  Gold and silver are the most popular metals for investors, but some prefer options like platinum, palladium, and copper. No matter what you choose for your investment or collection, you need to know the different bullion products that you’re likely to encounter. This guide is, therefore, the path to understanding. We are going to…

Understanding Purity and Weight

  Investing in precious metals is not simply a matter of buying or selling, an abstract concept like stocks or bonds. You are buying a tangible object, first and foremost, and tangible objects come with a set of concerns, unlike other financial instruments. Thus, with precious metals, you must understand how purity and weight work….

Introduction to Precious Metals Investing

Welcome to Buy Gold and Silver Coins!  As our name implies, we want to help you to buy gold and silver coins. However, investing in precious metals goes far beyond getting gold and silver coins in your pocket. It can be a profitable hobby, side hustle, or new passion for those who take the plunge….