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Old Gold Coins

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Old Gold Coins at BGASC

While the history of modern bullion gold coins starts with the South African Krugerrand, gold coins in general go back much further than 1967. Below, you’ll find information about old gold coins that we carry at BGASC, ranging from vintage Austrian coins to older French coins. Learn more about Old Gold Coins right here at BGASC.

Pre-33 American Gold Coins

The US Mint included gold in its circulation coinage, up until 1933. Pre-33 Gold refers to gold coins issued by the US Mint, before 1933. This includes many options such as $20 Double Eagles, $10 Eagles, and more.

Old British Gold Coins

The most popular old British gold coin is the British Gold Sovereign. These coins were first issued in 1817 when King George III was ruling. They were originally called English Sovereign Gold Coins and can be traced back to the early 1600s but were brought back during the Great Recoinage of 1816.

These coins are available as Sovereign, Half-Sovereign, and Double-Sovereign. Originally circulation coins, they became out of circulation by World War I.

The reverse of these coins displays a unique image depending on the year of issue. Most coins feature the iconic image of St. George slaying a dragon by Benedetto Pistrucci. However, during Queen Victoria’s reign, the Royal Arms was seen on the reverse. The obverse design features the portrait of the reigning British monarch which over the years has featured the following:

  • King George III
  • King George IV
  • Queen Victoria
  • King Edward VII
  • King George V
  • King Edward VIII
  • King George VI
  • Queen Elizabeth II
  • King Charles III

Old French Gold Coins

The most well-known vintage French coin is the French Franc. The franc was the official currency of France from 1795 to 1999. Coins featured an array of design elements over the years. Two designs you’ll find at BGASC are the Lucky Angel design (issued from 1848-1898) and the Rooster design (issued from 1899-1914), both featured in the 20 Franc Gold Coin.

Old Austrian Gold Coins

The Austrian Empire, and later the Austro-Hungarian Empire, was the third-largest empire in the world at one time. As such, these coins dominated Europe and now can be easily found at BGASC. Design elements are dependent on several factors such as the denomination and the year of issue. However, a common design element you’ll see when looking at Austrian gold coins at BGASC is Emperor Franz Joseph I.

  • Austrian Corona: Issued by the Austrian Mint beginning in the 1890s after the adoption of the gold standard.
  • Austrian Florin/ Franc: Issued after the adoption of the gold standard in the Austro-Hungarian Empire

Old Swiss Gold Coins

The Helvetic Republic introduced the franc in 1798 with it lasting till 1847. After the collapse of the republic, Switzerland adopted the franc as well in 1850. Released between 1897 and 1935, again in 1947, and in 1949, 20 Francs Swiss Gold Coins were issued featuring the effigy of Helvetia on the obverse. The reverse of these coins showcases the national shield of Switzerland.

Old Belgium Gold Coins

Belgian francs were the currency of the Kingdom of Belgium from 1832 until 2002. Design elements are dependent on several factors such as the year of the issue, and denomination. At BGASC, you’ll find several coins that feature King Leopold II on the obverse. His first-generation portrait was used from 1867 to 1870, his second-generation portrait was used afterward.

Buying Old Gold Coins at BGASC

Questions about these Old Gold Coins? Contact the BGASC team today at 888-992-4272. Our team can also be reached via email or through our online chat feature.