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Buy Silver Bullion, Coins and Bars

Silver Bullion, Coins, and Bars at BGASC

Its affordability, availability, and unique options have made silver bullion one of the more popular investment opportunities in the world. Silver bullion comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes and is available as a coin, bar, round, and more. Learn all about Silver Bullion, Coins, and Bars, right here at BGASC.

Silver Coins

At BGASC, you’ll find several top silver coin options available for purchase. Silver coins offer investors and collectors an affordable and popular way to invest in silver. Some popular options include the following:

  • 90% Silver US Coins: Some of the most popular options on the market are 90% Silver US Coins. These coins were circulation coins from 1836 to 1964 and have a silver content of 90%. These coins encapsulate the US Dime, Quarter, Half Dollar, and Dollar.
  • American Silver Eagle: The American Silver Eagle is the most popular silver bullion coin in the world and is the official silver bullion coin of the United States. These coins have been issued annually since 1986 in a 1 oz size. These coins are also available in a proof and burnished version.
  • Australian Silver Coins: These coins are struck by the Perth Mint. The Perth Mint is home to several annual bullion coin programs such as their lunar series, Kangaroo, Kookaburra, and Kangaroo coins, to name a few.
  • Austrian Silver Philharmonic: These coins have been released in a 1 oz size every year since 2008. They share the same design as the Austrian Gold Philharmonic which first debuted in 1989. These coins are struck by the Austrian Mint and have a face value of 1.50 euros.
  • British Silver Britannia: Struck by the Royal Mint, these silver coins debuted in 1997. The obverse features the reigning British monarch while the reverse showcases Britannia, the female personification of the country.
  • Canadian Silver Maple Leaf: The Canadian Silver Maple Leaf debuted in 1988 and became the world’s first .9999 pure silver bullion coin to be made available. The sugar maple leaf design of Walter Ott has been present on the reverse since the inception of the coin program.
  • Chinese Silver Panda: Debuting in 1983, this series is intriguing as the reverse always displays an image of a panda. However, the image is unique with every new issue. In 2016, they changed from Troy oz to grams.
  • Mexican Silver Libertad: The Mexican Silver Libertad debuted in 1982 and was the first annual-issue silver bullion coin in the world. The obverse shows the Mexican coat of arms while the reverse displays a depiction of Winged Victory.
  • Niue Silver Coins: Niue Silver Coins are minted by the New Zealand Mint. These coins typically display pop culture icons and offer more numismatic value than most bullion coin programs.
  • South African Silver Krugerrand: This popular silver coin debuted in 2017, on the 50th anniversary of the South African Gold Krugerrand. Similar to the Philharmonic series, the design of the gold and silver coin is the same and has remained the same since the inception of the coin program.

Silver Bars

Another popular option is silver bars. Silver bars lack the artistry of silver coins but offer much larger metal contents without sacrificing purity. Some popular options include:

  • Asahi: Asahi is a newer name in the precious metals industry as they acquired the gold and silver refineries of Johnson Matthey back in 2015. One thing they’re known for is their American Reserve collection which are their silver bars 100% minted and produced in America.
  • MK Barz: MK Barz was established in Los Angeles, California in 2014. They produce high-purity hand-poured silver bars. These bars come in several unique shapes and sizes such as animals or even slices of pizza.
  • Monarch Metals: Similar to MK Barz, Monarch Metals also specializes in hand-poured silver bars. This private mint was established in Oregon out of a direct response to more precious metals products in 2008. They’re known for their Halloween bars which display popular Halloween imagery on tombstone-shaped bars.
  • SilverTowne: Once a small coin shop in Indiana, SilverTowne is now one of the most well-known private mints in America. They produce several high-purity cast silver bars and minted silver bars.
  • Sunshine Minting: Sunshine is another top private mint in America. They’re known for their security features (MintMark SI) and their silver bars that feature popular coin images (Walking Liberty, Buffalo Nickel) on silver bars.

Other Silver Bullion

  • Silver Rounds: Silver Rounds are similar to coins but have no face value as they’re not backed by a central government. Thus, they have a lower premium than most coins. Some popular producers include SilverTowne, Sunshine Minting, and the Golden State Mint.
  • Silver Statues: Silver Statues display iconic images as a statue with a .925 purity. Some popular statues include the Silver Soldiers collection, which is a tribute to the Green Army Men set, as well as the Lost World series, which features the animals that roamed the Earth 65 million years ago.
  • Silver Bullets: Silver Bullets are replicas of well-known bullets and ammunition made from .999 silver. Popular options include the 12 Gauge, .45 Caliber, and the .50 Caliber.
  • Silver Notes: Another option is our array of silver notes and silverbacks. These notes contain actual silver content and stunning imagery such as Iron Maiden album covers or even Harry Potter-themed imagery.

Purchasing Silver Bullion, Coins, and Bars at BGASC

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